'-BTO- UNLIMITED PWC Fixed Steering Hood Kit for Kawasaki 800SX-R

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This product is a made-to-order product.

A hood kit that converts the 800SX-R to a fixed steering mount like the 800X-2.

By using this KIT, you will be able to enjoy the ride of 800X-2 with SX-R.
The steering position of the kit is feedback from the position of 800X-2.
The attached steering wheel is a bearing specification, and it is a 2-way hood that allows you to enjoy smooth steering.

The hood inner is also compatible with large chambers. again,
The normal 800SX-R handlebar pole and engine hood weigh about 18kg,
While the normal hood/normal handle mount of 800X-2 weighs about 20kg
The total weight of the kit is about 10kg, which is 50% lighter.

For conversion, all the necessary parts are included in the kit, so all you need to do is prepare the handlebar and grip.

[Kit contents]
■ Hood body,
■ Steering mount assembly,
■ SUS front bracket,
■ Holder (cable) steering [14044-3714],
■ Holder (cable) [14044-3757],
■ Grommet [92071-3790],
■ Plate [13271-3905],
■A set of mounting bolts.
*When installing a fat bar, an optional product (Part number: UL061 Fat bar clamp) is required.


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