Traction Mat for RXP-X 300 (&
Traction Mat for RXP-X 300 (&
Traction Mat for RXP-X 300 (&
Traction Mat for RXP-X 300 (&
Traction Mat for RXP-X 300 (&


Traction Mat for RXP-X 300 ('21~) (Bricks) (Made to Order is Available)

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[Cutting pattern] Brick

[number of pieces] 12

- Deck mat for SEA-DOO RXP-X 300 ('21~), newly released by UNLIMITED.

● In addition to the excellent cushioning properties of the two-layer mat structure, the design incorporates the latest laser processing, so it eliminates the surface tension of water and smoothes the drainage of the deck. We have also realized a durable mat with high grip.

● The double-sided tape used is not the conventionally used 3M tape, but a new PSA2 based on 3M 9786, which has excellent wrinkles, durability, and adhesion.

- With double-sided tape

Due to the nature of product materials and colors, specific colors (green, orange, red, pink, yellow)
Color may fade over time or use.
Please note that we do not accept complaints about fading or fading.


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