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New item for 2022, very light and convenient surf hat
The side mesh design prevents stuffiness and dries easily.

■It is much lighter than a general surf hat and does not interfere with activities. It is also ideal for rivers, the sea, fishing, hiking and walking.
■Equipped with both a short chin strap and a long hat strap, so you don't have to worry about it being blown away by the wind even if it is light.
■The chin strap is made of the same neoprene fabric as the wetsuit, and is soft and hard to rub against. Comes with an adjuster and a buckle, so you can adjust it according to your head from junior to adult men.
■Since the side of the hat has a snap button, you can keep the brim of the hat in case it obstructs your view.
■Breathability is outstanding thanks to mesh cloth of side. It prevents the head from getting stuffy due to sweat, and the fabric itself dries quickly, making it easy to dry.
■As it is simple waterproofing specification, we flip some water wets.
■It floats on the surface of the water for a while, so you don't have to worry if you drop the hat.

Size/ 56-59cm (M~L)


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