Oil Filter for KAWASAKI 4 Stroke Engines


Oil Filter for KAWASAKI 4 Stroke Engines

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【Compatible models】
● KAWASAKI Kawasaki 4-stroke (*)
*ULTRA300/310: 16097-0007 or Aftermarket 16097-0007
*Other: 16097-0008 or Aftermarket 16097-0008

Regarding the oil filter: Inside the engine, sludge is generated from impurities contained in fuel and oil, and metal powder is generated due to friction between cylinders and piston rings. The engine oil can wash away the generated it, and the engine can continue to work normally.

However, repeated use over a long period of time will cause the engine oil to become dirty and deteriorated, so it is cleaned by passing it through a filter to prevent reattachment and deterioration of the dirt.
It is the role of the oil filter to keep the life cycle of the oil for a long time.


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