Direct Adjustable Mount Kit for ULTRA


Direct Adjustable Mount Kit for ULTRA

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[Applicable model] KAWASAKI
ULTRA series (250/260/300/310 / LX)

■ Clamp: Standard bar (22.4) Standard equipment for (mm diameter)
UNLIMITED lowdown & direct mount.
By mounting the lower bridge directly, it will be mounted 80mm lower.
By cutting the aluminum pipe, it can be used not only for 800X-2 but also for STX series.

The width of the variable height is 100mm. Two positions can be selected for the top and under bridges, which allows the front and rear mount positions to be moved up to 30 mm.

[Kit contents]
● Standard bar clamp (UL39001)
● Upper bridge
● Lower bridge
● Aluminum pipe
● Pipe cap
● Mounting bolt
● Direct mount base (UL35009)


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