Spark Voltage Booster Kit
Spark Voltage Booster Kit
Spark Voltage Booster Kit


Spark Voltage Booster Kit

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[Applicable models]
Compatible plug cord: Φ7-9mm

[Kit Contents]
- 4 types of conductive spiral tubes (approximately 340, 500, 600, 700mm),
Earth cord 180mm x 4,
● Cord clamp x 4,
● Screw M4-12, nut M4, spacer x 4 each
●Binding band x 8

Conductive spiral tube with special plating.
By installing it, the spark plug voltage of the CDI ignition model is increased by about 20%!
It is possible to increase the discharge voltage of the spark plug by winding it around the plug cord and grounding it.

When the engine is running, the plug cord always generates noise as a reaction to the flow of electricity.
By arranging the noise (magnetic field), the reaction is reduced and a more powerful spark is created.
It has an absolute effect from a normal engine to a racing engine.


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