-Coming Soon- RUSH WET PANTS
-Coming Soon- RUSH WET PANTS
-Coming Soon- RUSH WET PANTS
-Coming Soon- RUSH WET PANTS
-Coming Soon- RUSH WET PANTS
-Coming Soon- RUSH WET PANTS
-Coming Soon- RUSH WET PANTS
-Coming Soon- RUSH WET PANTS


-Coming Soon- RUSH WET PANTS

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UNLIMITED Exclusive professional rider supervision. We thoroughly analyzed and tested the rider's movements and adopted the optimum cut pattern. The knees and shins that are easily rubbed are equipped with X riding protectors, making them ideal wet pants that have evolved further from 2021.

Maximize the "power", "speed" and "stability" of PWC (personal watercraft) in collaboration with professional riders aiming for higher performance. We are aiming for clothing that can be brought out to the public.


・ Stabilize pad
The pad on the medial side of the knee helps improve grip when riding.
・ Flex neoprene
A new material that has evolved from conventional fabrics. It feels good on the skin and is more elastic and lighter.
・ X riding protector
Protects below the knee from wear and impact. A solid and thick cushion and a triple hard pad with excellent elasticity.
・ Ankle zipper
With a zipper that makes it easy to put on and take off, you can protect the slider with velcro tape.

-Optional setup product-

Two colors of black and red (Product number UWJ2210)
・ RUSH WET JACKET -Wet jacket-
Black only (Product number UWA2230BK) ・ EXPEDITION COAT-Marine Coat-
Black only (Part No. UWC2240)

Can be worn in combination with the above products.

-Applicable size chart-

A. Overall length / B. Inseam / C. Waist width / D. Hip width / E. Ankle width

(All flat measurement (cm))

S : A.90 /B.67 /C.29 /D.41 /E.10
M : A.93 /B.69 /C .31 /D.43 /E.10.5
MW : A.93 /B.69 /C.33 /D.45 /E.10.5
L : A.96 /B.71 /C.33 /D.45 /E.11
LW : A.96 /B.71 /C.35 /D.47 /E.11
XL : A.99 /B.73 /C.35 /D.47 /E.11.5
XLW : A.99 /B.73 / C .37 /D.47/E.11.5

(Each size + 5cm adaptable expansion and contraction width)


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