-Discontinued-Microfiber Pull-over Towel Hoodie
-Discontinued-Microfiber Pull-over Towel Hoodie
-Discontinued-Microfiber Pull-over Towel Hoodie
-Discontinued-Microfiber Pull-over Towel Hoodie
-Discontinued-Microfiber Pull-over Towel Hoodie


-Discontinued-Microfiber Pull-over Towel Hoodie

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[Changing poncho with a foot mat that is convenient for changing clothes]

A new microfiber material for all seasons.
It's so quick-drying that you might think it's dry just by putting it in a dehydrator.
Of course, you don't need a bath towel because it has excellent water absorption.
Microfiber gently wraps the cold body after the sea.
Lightweight and compact, it is ideal for outdoor activities where luggage is bulky.

The inner navel has a large pocket for small items such as underwear, so it is very convenient for changing clothes on the beach or outside. In addition, the large left and right pockets are also GOOD!
It is also ideal for measures against wave winds on beaches and decks in the summer.
You can ride a car with a hooded and wet hair as well as a wet body.

■ Material: Summer microfiber
■ Finishing dimensions: Width: 79cm Length: 111cm

■ Shooting model height 182cm


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