Inner Tights
Inner Tights


Inner Tights

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Men's leggings for UV care made of rush material.
This item can be used regardless of the season, and is convenient not only for UV care but also as a wet inner.
It is also standard to use in combination of board shorts.
Lightweight and elastic, it can prevent rubbing and is ideal as underwear.

■ Adaptive waist size
M: 75-80cm
L: 85-90cm
XL: 90-95cm

■ Material: 85% polyester, 15% polyurethane

[Advantages of inner items]
Wearing stretchy underwear has the effect of
muscle support, stable joints, and reduction of muscle fatigue during exercise.
Also, the rush material has good water repellency and is lightweight, so it can be said that it is most suitable for marine sports.
Not only that, there are merits such as UV care and prevention of threading of wet suits.
If you are currently wearing clothing directly on your bare skin, please try it.

This product is a delicate product called underwear and cannot be returned or exchanged.


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