Lightweight Duralumin Flywheel for Kawasaki 750/800


Lightweight Duralumin Flywheel for Kawasaki 750/800

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■ Kawasaki 750/800 SX-R, X-2

● Lightweight flywheel with a weight of 800g.
● Since the response of the engine to blow up and return to rotation is improved, the acceleration from 0 to 1m is significantly improved, and it will be a must-have item at the start of the racing scene.
● Improved durability from conventional products.
● Compatible with the CDI-10R / CDI-R power unit, and when installed at the same time, the pickup is improved and the throttle work responds linearly. The strength of the gear has also been improved.
● Since it supports battery ignition CDI, it can be used with genuine CDI for KAWASAKI 800SX-R (A2 ~) / 800X-2.

Since the stator is removed during installation, there is no charging function.


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