C ぢ R ぢ ぢ l Pouer sea urchin t forr Kawasaki 750/800


C ぢ R ぢ ぢ l Pouer sea urchin t forr Kawasaki 750/800

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■ Kawasaki 750/800 SX-R, X-2

Not only Sunday users but also race users and freestyle users are widely supported.

High-performance 8-bit microcomputer is used to digitally control the ignition timing.
MAP 1 to 4 can be switched between different ignition timings with the built-in switch.
The limiter is cut because it is a race-only model.
Strengthen the input line in response to higher rotation speed. In addition, the torque characteristics have been increased.
Compact design that fits neatly in the electrical box.
Achieves unparalleled high durability.

■ CDI: Made in Japan

Lightweight duralumin flywheel (part number: JL-K8P-F) sold separately ) Can be expected to further improve the response and high rpm range.
(Set part number: UL21001-KF Total Loss Digital System Kit)


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