Billet Steering Mount for Sea-Doo
Billet Steering Mount for Sea-Doo
Billet Steering Mount for Sea-Doo


Billet Steering Mount for Sea-Doo

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2009 or later Electronic throttle (iTC) and I-brake (IBR) system equipped model

[Compatibility details, And some parts are required separately depending on the model. Please check the product description]
[Compatibility details]
2011 ~ T3 hull (RXP-X 260 IS ・ AS), 2016 ~ T3 hull (RXP- X 300 IS ・ AS)
2011 ~ S3 hull (RXT ・ RXT-X ・ GTX / IS ・ AS), 2009 S3 hull (IS ・ AS series)
2011 ~ GTI series (GTI130 / SE155 / WAKE155 / GTR)
2014 ~ SPARK
* Not compatible with ST3

[Required About parts]
* S3 hull ... The angle adjustment range of the normal handle tilt function is limited.
* T3 hull, RXP-X260 / 300, 2015 and later models ... Optional top plate [UL35100TP-2] is required.
* SPARK ... Stainless steel DESS post holder plate removal, optional SPARK dedicated top plate [UL35100TP-SP] is required.

New design and low price!
10cm lower than the normal position, you can ride in the low position.
Offset handlebar clamp [UL062] is installed.
Other handlebar clamps from the same company can be attached.
* Depending on the model, the hull and handle may interfere with each other.

● Recommended for use with the company's billet switch case set [UL36000] and ITC / IBR billet lever [UL33002]
● It is also possible to process and use a genuine X series switch case.
● The handlebar of the SEA-DOO model can be replaced.


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