Billet Flush Fitting
Billet Flush Fitting
Billet Flush Fitting
Billet Flush Fitting


Billet Flush Fitting

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Engine flushing (Flushing) Flushing aluminum fitting
Simply replace with genuine normal parts to accent the rear end view.

The brass adapter is attached and detached several times each time it is washed with water, so smoothness is important.
If it is genuine (made of resin), it is easily consumed by metal, so it is not possible to wash smoothly with damaged threads.
Therefore, by replacing it with this product (made of aluminum), the wear and tear of the
screw part will be eliminated compared to the genuine (made of resin).

[Applicable model]
KAWASAKI ULTRA300 / 310 / LX (-'10) series
* Can be used for models other than ULTRA if holes are machined.

[Caution] The company's billet flash adapter [UL18000] is required for flushing


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